“SAMBA” by ADIDAS: Return of Glory

Adidas’Samba’: Return of the KingIntroduced into the planet in 1950, in order for football (soccer) players to train icy ground, the Adidas Samba has been among the most popular athletic shoes of all time. Over the years many additional shoe manufacturers have taken the shape and design from the Samba and integrated it into the designs of their own models. That timeless fur bit in the front of the shoe, with the swimsuit part coming from the sides of the shoe around the top toe part and then going down to the laces, must have been ripped off at by at least 100 different styles of sneakers, if not far more, because their debut. A legend in itself, it has come back stronger than ever.


After having been worn on the football fields for decades or casually by the die hard fans, Adidas has seen the genuine potential into the design and re-released it a variety of other colour manners as well as substance combinations. And thank God they did because the plan of the shoe has always allowed for good potential in it’s ability to become a staple shoe.

Having always been a soccer player myself and wearing Adidas as my football shoes, I was never a fan of this Samba on account of the very long tongue that it used to have before it is re-release. I never enjoyed that. I thought it looked horrible and that it would be uncomfortable. I wasn’t a die hard fan but when they came out again last year, I immediately jumped on the ring and purchased a pair once I saw they had shortened the tongue.


As soon as I bought them, they’d just re-released the traditional black with white and white white with black options so I went with the all white with black stripes along with the gum sole. I moved to Vegas soon after and saw how many other colour choices they were starting to come out with being somewhat bummed out that I simply bought the dull white with black one. Now they’re everywhere in a million different colour choices and to tell the truth, I would like all of them!!!

It is hard to discover a sneaker inspired shoe that goes good with not jeans but flat front casual trousers and yet the Samba does and that is what I love about them. They’re a win/win situation. They are low cost ($65-$90) plus they are versatile in addition to relatively comfortable. Much more that you can ask for! I am excited to see what new designs Adidas will come up for the Samba’s and seeing regular joe’s and jane’s sporting them and how they do so!

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