The Only Jimmy Choo’s Shoe That I Enjoy

There seems to be a big trend right now from the style/fashion sector of organizations trying to add new categories of product to their current repertoire. Everyone seems to be doing it now and I wonder exactly how much it will go? And this fresh wave started with Louboutin adding Jimmy Choo’s Men’s Collection to his collection. Shortly afterwards, Jimmy Choo followed suit, taking it one step further with a genuine store dedicated to only that: men’s shoes. Jimmy on the other hand, really does some decent stuff, but not necessarily…where as for me personally Louboutin concentrates on the intense, creating shoes that I couldn’t be paid to wear.

Men’s Jimmy Choo’s shoe
All Jimmy Choo’s preceding….can’t appear to determine if they would like to be classic or fashiony??? Some look great, some really do not! You then also have Berluti who did something even more outlandish and added suits into a shoe brand, something that quite boggles me as while the equally compliment each other, it is apples and oranges as far as a business culture and surroundings go. But hey, this really is the world we live in and it would appear that with the amount of brands out there all competing for everybody’s money, if you don’t come out with the most recent and greatest, you will be left behind….can’t say that I agree with this ideology, but it seems to be the way it functions in the fashion universe.
All of Louboutin’s above, also this black glittery coach was the most tasteful….imagine that!

Women’s Jimmy Choo’s shoe
For me, this new wave of men’s shoes by women’s designer brands just looks like a desperate effort at staying fresh, beginning new trends and needless to say, the fundamental factor: earning more income. But I can not say that it helps to promote the brand’s image. At least not to me it does not. I very admired Christian Louboutin as a designer for his creativity with the whole red sole item and believed his women’s Jimmy Choo’s Shoes were nice (at least they seemed great on women). But now he has done a men’s line, one which for me yells obscene vulgarity, I have lost respect for him and his brand. He has taken the specialness out of it. And because he is a pioneer in the women’s industry, you are now beginning to see his adversaries doing the same thing to jump on the band wagon, not get left in the dust. But this wave of activity just doesn’t sit well with me personally.

Diamond Jimmy Choo sneakers

They are only producing rubbish to achieve that. Don’t get me wrong, I do not mind the designers, but I do mind creating stuff just to do so, without any real elegant thought or passion put into it. Take Gucci for example. While they’re no doubt a mega-designer brandthey nevertheless do things while differentiating themselves in the basic brands, but not stepping to the world of metal stud vulgarity. There is a difference, yet with this new generation of designers, I still do not feel the passion behind it. They are doing it just to do it, not because they have a passion for men’s shoes.

Men's Diamond Jimmy Choo sneakers
Berlut’s brand new appearance….let’s only hope they don’t get rid of focus of what produced them…the sneakers!
I constantly get women asking me if I will perform a women’s lineup later on and while I’m deeply flattered by the idea that they need to like my layouts to be asking me this, I tell them . The reason why I do so is because I understand that it will not be good, as I do not possess a passion for women’s shoes and wouldn’t want to waste my energies on something I am not passionate about. That does not mean that I will not make my men’s designs in women’s sizes, but I would not ever try at designing a women’s pump. And while one may argue that continuing with the same thing isn’t growing, I’d counter by stating that provided that you constantly puts fire into his/her product, creates the very best value for money possible and keeps a classically elegant style, that growth will remain viable, particularly at our inhabitants rate!

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