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Tuesday Shoesday: I Think I’m Ready to Splurge on My Very First Designer Pair

I’ve a confession to make. While I am willing to drop what most folks would consider to be an insane amount of money on a tote, spending a great deal of cash on shoes makes my tummy hurt. The most expensive pair of shoes in my closet, in terms of retail price, is probably my Stuart Weitzman Combat boots.


However, though they are worth around $600 I found them on sale for a steal of a price tag, and my mother agreed to purchase them as an early Christmas gift. As soon as I started wearing them and suffered some severe blisters my first thought was’that is exactly why I will not spend good money on shoes!” Unlike bags, it is quite tough to get a fantastic feel for how a pair of sneakers is actually going to feel once they’re on your feet for a full day of wear, and if you suffer from foot problems like I do, there’s a much larger chance that something will fail. The most money I’ve personally shelled out to get a pair of shoes is somewhere around $250, which for someone who enjoys fashion as far as I do, is sort of shocking! Lately though, I have been lusting over some fairly pricey pairs, and that I believe I might eventually be prepared to splurge on a pair of designer sneakers. And no, a sky-high set of heels is not in my list!

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For me to spend my hard earned cash on some thing I have to really love it. The ones that know me, and many of you do by now, understand it takes me a while to commit to something. I probably wrote about my Gucci Marmont 3 times more than 8 months before I eventually decided I wanted to purchase it. Not only do I want to be certain I actually adore an product that’s expensive, I also wish to be certain it’s sensible enough for me to justify the price I’ve paid. Price per wear–it’s something people!

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That being said, I shall not ever be the girl to devote an excessive sum of money on a set of heels. For me , high heels are incredibly impractical. I would much rather romp about in a fantastic pair of chunky heeled booties compared to a pair of heels so high that I can hardly walk.

Beautiful shoes
Aside from my ever-expanding sneaker collection, I reside in boots or booties. I know that I’ll actually wear a fantastic pair of boots enough to justify the hefty price tag. And, for my very first foray into the world of fancy footwear I’ve got my eye on a bunch of pairs. Which would you choose?

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